Training Logs for CoC Educational Opportunities

The following training logs are included as verification of attendance by agency personnel as CoC-Sponsored Training sessions.  Session topics are listed in alphabetical order.  Agency personnel may print and/or store this information for their internal records as needed.





Annual Coordinated Entry Refresher (5/12/2017)
Diversity Training (4/15/2018)
DV Safety Plan Training (11/17/2017)
E-SNAPS Renewal Application Training (8/4/2017)
Gang Culture Training (4/15/2018)
Homeless Documentation Training (2/9/2018)
HUD Coordinated Entry Webinar (3/28/2017)
HUD Sage Webinar (3/16/2017)
Rapid Re-housing Lunch and Learn (7/27/2017)
Sage APR Training Webinar (4/19/2017)
Trauma-Informed Care Training (11/3/2017)