What is Point-In-Time? The Point-in-Time Count (also known as PIT) is an annual count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons on a single night in January.  It is usually held toward the end of the month during the hours when unsheltered individuals are most likely to be present. 


Required nationally by HUD (Housing and Urban Development), the PIT Count provides a snapshot of homelessness in Memphis and Shelby County, and it is a critical element for measuring our progress in our efforts to end homelessness. Additionally, it helps to determine the number of people who are experiencing homelessness at a given point in time.


Volunteers are essential to our success!  We also conduct a social media and website search to discover where community members have seen an individual who seems to be experiencing homelessness.


Interviews are conducted by volunteer groups using a survey tool which allows us to gain important data for further research and outreach.  Each person who is interviewed will also receive a care package filled with grooming items and items to keep them warm.



If you know of locations where we can find individuals sleeping in places not meant for human habitation, please click here to let us know!

If you are over the age of 18 and would like to volunteer, please click here to register (training is required).

If you would like to contribute items to the care bags that will be distributed, please click here to order from the Amazon Wish List.

2017 marked the benchmark year for youth homelessness!   If you have insight on where to locate individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 who are experiencing homelessness in Memphis/Shelby County, please let us know using the Homeless Outreach Tool!


 Training is required for all volunteers, and you must be over the age of 18. Thanks for standing with us!